The modern capital of Jordan and one of the oldest inhibited places

in the world, Amman was known during Biblical times as Ammon and later, under Roman occupation, as Philadelphia. During this period, Amman (Philadelphia) was part of the Decapolis, when the city was essentialy reconstructed in typically grand Roman style with colonnaded streets, baths, a theater, and impressive public buildings.

The city then went through a long period of general decline, reinvigorated by the Arab Revolt when the Arab Reolt when the country of Transjordan was established. King Abdullah I, founder of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, made Amman his capital in 1921. Since then, Amman has grown rapidly into a modern thriving ,metropolis of well over a million people, Now a fascinating city where the ancient and new come together, Amman is easy to explore on foot or by taxy.


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