Palestinians and life under occupation are constantly being
misrepresented in the mainstream media. Our aim is to
deconstruct the myths in order to show the human side of the
conflict and the hard facts of the occupation on the ground, as
well as the richness and beauty of Palestinian culture and

This is currently one of the world’s longest running conflicts
and there are so many levels to it, so many factors at play, that
acquiring a pragmatic and balanced understanding of it can be
extremely complex, see impossible, unless you are actually
here. Our intention is not to persuade you of anything but only
to guide you beyond the headlines and acquaint you with the
Palestinian reality and its wonderful people.


While your at Palestine, you can’t miss to go to Taybeh! and if your around Palestine on October, you shouldn’t miss the Taybeh Oktoberfest!!

The Taybeh Oktoberfest is two days filled with Palestinian music, culture, and of course, beer. This festival is an annual tradition that brings together visitors from abroad, Israelis, and Palestinians.

The 2011 Taybeh Oktoberfest will be held on October (——). Further details will be announced via our email newsletter. To receive our newsletter please fill out the form below.



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